Shirley Kaw


Mdm. Shirley Kaw is the Principal Partner of Intellect Asia. Before starting her business, Mdm. Shirley Kaw worked in various listed production companies in Malaysia where it honed her management and coordination skills. In the finance industry, Mdm. Shirley Kaw is well-known for her vast contacts and excellent bridge of investor relations.

As the Principal Partner of Intellect Asia, Mdm. Shirley Kaw is in charge of steering the company’s direction. She also negotiates and supervises acquisitions while ensuring due diligence is conducted.

With more than 20 years of investment experience under her belt, Mdm. Shirley Kaw centers her work around one main core value- listening. She believes that the key to a successful business or investment lies in the communication between Intellect Asia and the various stakeholders. Mdm. Shirley Kaw takes her investors’ views seriously and ensures that their objectives are met.